Recurrent Ear Infections and blocked tubes after ear infection

Ear infections come in varying degrees of seriousness and also in recurrence.

However, there’s always a certain extent or limitation on when to consider a recurrent ear disease, especially in the case of children and babies.
Unknowingly, what might seem a simple infection may quickly escalate to a serious difficulty if nothing is to be done right away.

A Few of the complications that could arise from this include, but not limited to:
• Hearing loss
• Developmental delays
• Specific language delays
• Hearing difficulties later in life
• Behavioural Issues
Scary is not it? Yes, one easy ear infection left untreated could impact the way your child will grow. Therefore, it’s very important to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms and bring the child to a medical practitioner as soon as possible to prevent additional complications.
However, is it still possible to get blocked Eustachian tubes after ear infection?
Sometimes also, once the sinuses are clogged, it may also affect the pressure within the ear, resulting in blockage and such.

But, nothing to worry, as there are remedies on how to find these tubes unblocked in virtually no time.
• Try to humidify the air you are breathing. You heard me right, get some moisture within your nostrils using an air humidifier, or you can also use nasal saline spray to alleviate the pain and pressure. Maintaining a hot moist washcloth on your face may also be of help in this aspect.
As the name implies, these medications can alleviate nasal blockage, thereby releasing the stress build up on your ears too. However, never use these medications for over 3 days as they’ll cause rebound congestion aerodigestive disorders Oklahoma City.
• Avoid temperature extremes if possible. They can only make things worse for your ears and nostrils.
• Keep your head in a vertical position.
• Gently blow your nose, alternately blowing one nostril at a time.
• Drink a Good Deal of fluids. Increasing oral fluid intake can surely be of aid in creating the mucus thin, reducing the stuffiness and thus, the blockage of the Eustachian tubes.
Don’t forget to keep this basic tips in mind to avoid further complications. Nothing beats with a sound body and mind.

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